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Fan sites Unite

A Community for webmasters of Fan Sites
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About the Community

This is a community for Webmistress/webmasters and co-webs of fansites. Use this community for finding affiliates, promoting, finding help from other website oweners, share ideas, secrets or rare pictures, finding a co-web etc..

How to join!

Go here and tell use your name, your website name and your website url (Sorry, no communities). Everyone that has a site WILL be accepted. We prefer serious sites though, if you have a geocities or an expages site, you MIGHT wanna check out our sister community future_fansites to learn how to develope a good, high quality site.

Once you join

Your site will be added to this list of fan sites.


1. You must own/co-web a site.
2. This is a locked community, please make all posts Friends Only!
3. This Community is organized by tags and memories. When you update, please put your site's name in the subject line, and in the tags, please specify what the post is about.
Ie: If you are posting about wanting a co-web for your John Doe site, your tags might be:
John Doe, Help, Co-web.
4.Please have fun! And be nice, anyone who is mean or displays such behavior will be banned!


Coming soon!