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I'm at my grandma's, soo this will be quick, and probably lame.

I'm currently relayouting my Taylor Handley website. I have loads of ideas for it and tons left to do but have been thinking on how improving my site etc. I won't be able to continue it until I get home, of course, but I have a question for all you layout freaks.

Right now, I don't have much done. Not even the image mapping or colours, but it looks like this so far:

My question is, when I open the pages i'll need a table as the background for the colour rather than the stripped background. Right now, I only have the stripes so i'll need to know how to code it so I can have a different background for the content pages.


How are you guys on clips? I have a few AVI's of Taylors guest appearances on tv shows with guest roles, but you know, whole episodes. If I want to take like a 1-2 minute clip from it to put it on my site, how would I do that? IE: Take the clip from the AVI and make it seperate.

I've been working on figuring it out, so far no such luck.

Thanks in advance!

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